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Especially for Researchers and Scientists

Starting Points

Databases on hazardous chemicals, environmental health, and toxic releases
  • TOXLINE - TOXicology Literature OnLINE
    References from the toxicology literature, including MEDLINE/PubMed and meeting abstracts
  • HSDB - Hazardous Substances Data Bank
    Comprehensive, peer-reviewed toxicological data and other information on chemicals
  • ChemIDplus - Chemical Identification Plus
    Dictionary of chemical names, synonyms, and structures. Links to related NLM databases and other resources
Information on liver injury caused by drugs, herbals and dietary supplements, including diagnosis, management and a registry of clinical case reports
Rapid identification of unknown tablets/capsules using physical features and images

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Household Products Database


More Detailed NLM Resources for Researchers/Scientists

CCRIS - Chemical Carcinogenesis Research Information System

Carcinogenicity, mutagenicity, tumor promotion, and tumor inhibition test results

DART - Developmental and Reproductive Toxicology Database

References to teratology, developmental and reproductive toxicology literature

Drug Information Portal

Drug information from the National Library of Medicine and other key government agencies. Mobile version

GENE-TOX - Genetic Toxicology Data Bank

Peer-reviewed genetic toxicology test data

IRIS - Integrated Risk Information System

Hazard identification and dose-response assessments

ITER - International Toxicity Estimates for Risk Assessment

Human risk values and cancer classifications for chemicals from multiple organizations worldwide


Geographic representation of TRI data with links to other TOXNET resources

ALTBIB - Alternatives to Animal Testing

Extensive resources for alternatives to the use of live vertebrates in biomedical research and testing

Other NLM Resources for Researchers/Scientists


Enviro-Health Links

Evaluated links to Internet resources on selected toxicology and environmental health issues

Especially for Students and Educators

Environmental health, toxicology, and chemical information for students and educators

IUPAC Glossary of Terms Used In Toxicology, 2nd Edition

Definitions and explanatory notes for terms frequently used in the field of toxicology