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MeSH Terms Used in Indexing Disaster-Related Journal Articles - New in 2009

This is the list of new subject headings for 2009 that may be useful for disaster and all-hazards preparedness and response topics.

For more information on MeSH related to disaster topics, see:

MeSH is the National Library of Medicine's (NLM) controlled vocabulary thesaurus of descriptors in a hierarchical structure that aid searching at various levels of specificity. The MeSH thesaurus is used by NLM for indexing articles for the MEDLINE/PubMed® database. MeSH terms provide a consistent way to retrieve information that may use different terminology for the same concepts.

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New in 2009
Accidental Release, Biological [see Biohazard Release]
Accidental Release, Chemical [see Chemical Hazard Release]
Accidents, Biohazard [see Biohazard Release]
Accidents, Biological [see Biohazard Release]
Accidents, Chemical [see Chemical Hazard Release]
Accidents, Radiation [changed to see Radioactive Hazard Release]
Afghan Campaign 2001-
Afghan War, 2001- [see Afghan Campaign 2001- ]
Bhopal Accidental Release (notes: 1984; methyl isocyanate)
Bhopal Chemical Accident [see Bhopal Accidental Release]
Biohazard Release
Bridge Collapse [see Structure Collapse]
Bridge Failure [see Structure Collapse]
Building Collapse [see Structure Collapse]
Chemical Hazard Release
Climatic Processes
Disease Transmission [changed, see Disease Transmission, Infectious]
Extreme Cold
Extreme Heat
Geological Processes
Hazard Release, Chemical [see Chemical Hazard Release]
Hospitals, Isolation
Hurricane [see Cyclones]
Incidents, Biological [see Biohazard Release]
Incidents, Chemical [see Chemical Hazard Release]
Infectious Disease Incubation Period
Infectious Disease Medicine
Mudslides [see Landslides]
New Orleans
Nuclear Power Plants
Operation Enduring Freedom [see Afghan Campaign 2001- ]
Resilience, Psychological
Rockslides [see Landslides]
Seveso Accidental Release (notes: 1976; tetrachlorodibenzodioxin)
Stations, Quarantine [see Hospitals, Isolation]
Structure Collapse
Surge Capacity
Sverdlovsk Accidental Release (notes: 1979; anthrax)
Tidal Waves
Tsunami [see Tidal Waves]
Tropical Storm [see Cyclones]
Typhoon [see Cyclones]
Wilderness Medicine

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