Packing Your Digital Go Bag - Section 10: Apps for Family Reunification

Section 10: Apps for Family Reunification


Lost Person Finder is a suite of tools from NLM to assist in family reunification during and after emergencies. It contains tools for the general public, the disaster workforce, and hospitals.

Screenshot of the Lost Person Finder homepage.


For the General Public and Disaster Workforce

People Locator and the associated app ReUnite are designed to help the general public find missing persons after a large-scale disaster. They are also suitable for use by emergency managers, disaster camp coordinators, disaster relief organizations, and medical aid and relief workers who are assisting in family reunification efforts after a disaster. Together, People Locator and the ReUnite app provide a cross-platform solution for finding missing persons from any device, any operating system, and any screen size.

Using these programs, you can:

  • Search for a person using text or photo.
  • Apply sorting and filtering to search results.
  • Register to be notified when there is new information about a person.
  • Report a missing or found person and attach a photo and helpful accompanying details.
  • Receive notifications when there is a new event nearby.


People Locator icon

People Locator®


People Locator is a mobile-responsive Web site that requires Internet connectivity. It allows you to find and report missing family, friends, and animals during and after disasters. Following is an example of a list of records and the details of a single record during a disaster:

People Locator Web site, displaying 3 search results, with one record expanded to provide additional information and allow users to submit comments and/or follow the report for notifications when changes occur.

Sample record from People Locator



@NIH ReUnite icon


The ReUnite App for Family Reunification provides the ability to upload information about missing and found persons for reunifying families during and after disasters. It reports structured information to the NLM People Locator service. The app collects data on missing or found people and uploads this data to the Web site when Internet connectivity is available. ReUnite is available on iOS and Android.

ReUnite app home screen, welcoming the user as a guest, with the options: Find, Report, and Organize

ReUnite app, displaying two search results. Each record includes a photo, age, gender, status, record date, and associated event.

ReUnite app on an iPhone, displaying the About ReUnite screen.

ReUnite app home screen on an iPhone, with the options: Change Event, Find, and Report.

Various views of the ReUnite App for Family Reunification



For Hospital Triage

TriageTrak and TriagePic help you quickly gather incoming victim photos and identifying information at hospital triage, supporting your needs for subsequent identification and family reunification. The software system, developed by the NLM Lost Person Finder Project, features two main components:

TriageTrak icon

TriageTrak—a central Web site that your hospital can host


TriagePic icon

TriagePic®—a mobile app for iOS and Android that "talks" to the TriageTrak Web site


In general, with both TriageTrak and TriagePic, you can:

  • Create or edit mass casualty reports.
  • Compose reports by taking or attaching a photo.
  • Add information to the report, such as patient ID, name, age, gender, and triage category.
  • Search for posted reports using matching, sorting, and filtering.
  • Employ tools to bolster understanding of triage inflow.
TriagePac app, displaying a sample record, with options: Cam, Gal, Pri, Crop, and Del.

TriagePic app



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Key Points

In this section, we covered the following main points:

  • The People Locator mobile-responsive Web site allows you to find and report missing family, friends, and animals during and after disasters.
  • The ReUnite app allows you to submit structured information to the People Locator service.
  • TriageTrak, a hospital-hosted Web site, and TriagePic, a mobile app, provide the ability to quickly gather incoming victim photos and identifying information at hospital triage.

Key Apps for Family Reunification:

  • People Locator Web site
  • ReUnite App
  • TriageTrak Web site
  • TriagePic App