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2010 AIDS Community Information Outreach Projects

The National Library of Medicine (NLM) funded 8 AIDS Community Information Outreach Projects in September 2010 in the 17th round of the program. NLM has continued its HIV/AIDS- related outreach efforts to community-based organizations, patient advocacy groups, faith-based organizations, departments of health, and libraries. This program provides support to design local programs for improving information access for HIV/AIDS patients and the affected community as well as their caregivers. Emphasis is on providing information or access in a way meaningful to the target community. Projects must involve one or more of the following information access categories: information retrieval, skills development, Internet access, resource development, and document access.

University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center
“AIDS InfoNet”
Albuquerque, NM
The AIDS InfoNet is an internationally recognized online HIV/AIDS information resource to facilitate access to factsheets on the treatment of HIV/AIDS and related information written in nontechnical language and translated into several languages. The web site enables users to easily download and print regularly updated factsheets at no cost. In addition, the web site also contains hyperlinks to authoritative HIV/AIDS resources to facilitate individual research. Based on the continued high utilization of the fact sheets, awarded funds from the NLM will be used for ongoing maintenance of existing fact sheets and the development of additional topics based on user suggestions.

AIDS Educational Global Education System (AEGiS)
“AIDS Education Global Information System (AEGiS)”
San Juan Capistrano, CA
For nearly 20 years, AEGiS has been at the forefront of chronicling the social and clinical aspects of HIV/AIDS. AEGiS’s main goal is to provide access to a comprehensive scope of current and post-dated HIV/AIDS related resource materials through an online living library. The online library database offers authoritative information as well as services for people living with HIV, caregivers, and the affected community. Funding from the NLM will be applied towards the database’s continuous content development in order to keep pace with the large amount of data produced on and about the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Metro TeenAIDS
“Best Youth Health Information for DC Community”
Washington, D.C.
For over 20 years, Metro TeenAIDS (MTA) has been recognized for fighting adolescent HIV/AIDS epidemic by providing education and training to DC professionals, youth serving organizations, and local government agencies. Through the “Best Youth Health Information for DC Community,” MTA seeks to increase awareness and usage of NLM resources to youth service professionals, educators, and government officials who work directly with youth impacted by HIV/AIDS. It involves a multi-faced approach that includes technological resources; capacity-building training for youth serving professionals; and peer-to-peer education, to raise awareness and encourage use of NLM resources among youth-serving professionals, youth-serving organizations, youth clients, and HIV-positive youth.

Metro TeenAIDS

University of Kentucky Research Foundation
“GO KNOW NOW: Empowering Positive Living in Kentucky”
Lexington, KY
The “GO KNOW NOW: Empowering Positive Living in Kentucky” is a collaborative effort involving AIDS Volunteer, Inc. (AVOL), Bluegrass Care Clinic (BCC), and the University of Kentucky School of Library and Information Science, with the intent to improve access to, and use of, electronic HIV/AIDS information resources primarily for individuals living with HIV/AIDS who reside in Central and Eastern Kentucky. Awarded funds from the NLM will be used to create a computer resources center at AVOL and BCC and provide training for clients/patients on the use of electronic HIV/AIDS information resources.

University of Kentucky Research Foundation

AIDS Volunteer, Inc.

Bluegrass Care Clinic

Flint Urban League
“Peer Health Information Mentors”
Flint, MI
The Peer Health Information Mentors (PHIM) Project involves the collaboration of the Flint Urban League, YOUR Center, Genesee County Health Department, and the Prevention Research Center of Michigan at the University Of Michigan School Of Public Health. The aim of the PHIM Project is to provide training and peer-to-peer HIV/AIDS information outreach to young adults aged 18 to 24, in Flint and Genesee County, Michigan. The specific goals of PHIM are: 1) increase access and use of HIV/AIDS information resources among the targeted group, and 2) increase health information literacy in order to better prepare the community to be more effective consumers of health information online.

Flint Urban League

YOUR Center

Genesee Health Department

Prevention Research Center of Michigan

The AIDS Library
“Mobile Electronic Library Education and Network (E-LEARN) Classroom”
Philadelphia, PA
For over 10 years, with the support of the NLM, the AIDS Library has offered a public access computer classroom; classes on computer basics, how to find and access HIV information on the web; and online class through the E-LEARN program for People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWH/A), caregivers, and professionals. Funds awarded by the NLM will help the AIDS Library to create a Mobile E-LEARN Classroom, thus expanding the AIDS Library’s services to the wider Philadelphia AIDS Service Agencies (ASOs) and improve frontline staff and caregivers knowledge of critical HIV treatment, prevention, and how to be an advocate for PLWH/A.

The AIDS Library

Renz Addiction Counseling Center
“De Mujer a Mujer Computer Learning Access Project”
Elgin, IL
The Renz Addiction Counseling Center is a 501 (c)(3) community based organization that provides alcohol/substance abuse prevention and treatment, HIV prevention education, and HIV testing and counseling services to people of all ages. Awarded funds from the NLM will help the Center create a computer lab to complement its existing De Mujer A Mujer (DMM) program. The DMM program provides HIV and Substance Abuse outreach and prevention services to high risk Latinas within the region. The computer lab will help improve access and increase knowledge of HIV/AIDS information available through the NLM to staff, volunteer health promoters, targeted Latina population, and key collaborative partners.

Renz Addiction Counseling Center

P.I. Advocates International (PIA)
“Seniors Specific HIV/AIDS Information Access Computer Training”
Washington, DC.
The overarching goal of the Seniors Specific HIV/AIDS Information Access Computer Training is to increase health literacy and computer literacy by providing monthly HIV/AIDS PowerPoint prevention education and teaching seniors how to use computers to access, navigate, and retrieve online HIV/AIDS information in the District of Columbia region. The HIV/AIDS presentations and hands-on computer training will ultimately empower participants to take an active role in their personal health and wellness and acknowledge their personal responsibility for HIV infection.