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2012 AIDS Community Information Outreach Projects

The National Library of Medicine (NLM) funded 13 HIV/AIDS Community Information Outreach Projects in September 2012 in the 19th round of the program. NLM has continued its HIV/AIDS-related outreach efforts to community-based organizations, patient advocacy groups, faith-based organizations, departments of health, and libraries. This program provides support to design local programs for improving information access for HIV/AIDS patients and the affected community as well as their caregivers. Emphasis is on providing information or access in a way meaningful to the target community. Projects must involve one or more of the following information access categories: information retrieval, skills development, Internet access, resource development, and document access.

AIDS Educational Global Information System (AEGiS)
"AIDS Educational Global Information System (AEGiS)"
San Juan Capistrano, CA
For nearly 20 years, AEGiS has been at the forefront of chronicling the social and clinical aspects of HIV/AIDS. AEGiS’ main goal is to provide access to a comprehensive scope of current and post-dated HIV/AIDS related resource materials through an online living library. The online library database offers authoritative information as well as services for people living with HIV, caregivers, and the affected community. AEGiS will continue content development about the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Comunidades Unidas / Communities United
"Community Outreach Project to Increase Access to HIV/AIDS Health Information"
West Valley, UT
Comunidades Unidas / Communities United will partner with local community groups and the Spencer Eccles Health Sciences Library, University of Utah, Salt Lake City to introduce NLMs HIV/AIDS information to the Latino population. The project will focus on information retrieval skills development for health outreach workers (promotoras) and staff of local community based organizations. In addition, they will increase awareness in the Latino community of online and mobile HIV/AIDS information resources and establish computer labs at strategic locations within the Salt Lake City Latino community to enable access to needed information.

Hispanic Communications Network, LLC (HCN)
"Public Relations/Communication Support for the National Library of Medicine HIV/AIDS Community Information Project"
Washington, DC
Hispanic Communications Network (HCN) is a social marketing agency that focuses on disseminating health information to the Hispanic community as well as produces Spanish language health information for Spanish radio in the U.S. HCN seeks to leverage its national media network, online resources and partnerships with Hispanic–serving HIV/AIDS organizations to produce and syndicate culturally and linguistically appropriate messages to increase awareness and access to NLMs HIV/AIDS information resources.

Internet Sexuality Information Services, Inc. (ISIS)
"ISIS Youth: Tech HIV Prevention Program"
Oakland, CA
Founded in 2001, ISIS works with community stakeholders to improve the quality and availability of HIV/AIDS and STD prevention information, education and services for underserved minority and high-risk youth. The goal of the project is to increase access to critical information for at risk youth using a multimedia hub-spoke model of online, social media and mobile platforms. Through the “ISIS Youth ::Tech HIV Prevention Program,” ISIS will create a mobile compatible version of its popular website and connect the website to the ISIS Just/US Facebook page for young adults of color, Twitter account and mobile SMS HIV testing locator.

Metro TeenAIDS
"Best Youth Health Information for DC Community"
Washington, D.C.
For 24 years, Metro TeenAIDS (MTA) has been recognized for fighting the adolescent HIV/AIDS epidemic by providing education and training to DC professionals, youth serving organizations, and local government agencies. Through the “Best Youth Health Information for DC Community,” MTA seeks to increase awareness and usage of NLM resources by youth service professionals, educators, and government officials who work directly with youth impacted by HIV/AIDS. The project involves a multi-faceted approach that includes technological resources; capacity-building training for youth serving professionals; and peer-to-peer education, to raise awareness and encourage use of NLM resources among youth-serving professionals, youth-serving organizations, youth clients, and HIV-positive youth.

Morgan State University
"iHelp: Internet-based HIV/AIDS Education: Linking the Public to Science"
Baltimore, MD
iHelp: Internet-based HIV/AIDS Education: Linking the Public to Science” is an IT-based project aimed to promote and improve access to HIV/AIDS information in a user friendly way. The scope is to increase awareness, access to and utilization of the science-based health resources compiled by the NLM and other health organizations. Based on feedback from the target populations, iHelp staff will develop a mobile application using NLM HIV/AIDS resources. The target populations consist of Morgan State Peer Educators (young adults), HIV/AIDS infected adults over 25 years and HIV/AIDS infected women 50 and older.

Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, LLC (PCOM)
"HIV/AIDS Education, Information Awareness and Social Media"
San Diego, CA
The Pacific College of Oriental Medicine Library will partner with 10 major San Diego community organizations to provide training on HIV/AIDS information to patients, the affected community, and their caregivers. PCOM seeks to improve delivery of HIV/AIDS health care education, awareness and access to NLMs online and mobile information resources and effective use of social media and mobile phones to a large and diverse population of San Diego, California. Training classes and workshops will focus on NLMs internet, mobile resources and social media sites.

Philadelphia FIGHT’s AIDS Library and Critical Path Project
"Applify Your Health: Accessing HIV/AIDS Info Anywhere Anytime"
Philadelphia, PA
The AIDS Library and Critical Path Project of Philadelphia FIGHT have been providing HIV/AIDS services for over 25 years. The current project seeks to increase the use of mobile devices for locating HIV/AIDS information. Philadelphia FIGHT will provide hands-on workshops to persons living with HIV/AIDS, those at high risk, and community outreach workers and, develop mobile versions of its websites and HIV/AIDS comprehensive resource guide. In addition to the mobile application Philadelphia FIGHT will distribute Ready Reference Guides to person with HIV/AIDS or at high risk for HIV.

Red Ribbon Project (RRP)
"Youth Skills Building Program"
Avon, CO
The Red Ribbon Project’s “Youth Skills Building Program” offers HIV/AIDS education to 6th – 12th grade students in Eagle County, CO. Health educators using NLMs HIV/AIDS resources will offer culturally competent and age appropriate information in English and Spanish emphasizing prevention, risk reduction and skills building.

SisterLove, Incorporated
"Positive Connection Cyber Center"
Atlanta, GA
SisterLove, through its Positive Connection Cyber Center, seeks to increase utilization of the Center through social marketing. In addition, they will train new HIV positive peer educators/counselors as online instructors and facilitate new training classes featuring health literacy. Classes will cover topics such as evaluation of online health information, NLM online health resources, social networking for advocacy and information technology skills development.

The Alliance of Border Collaboratives (ABC)
"Promovision – Capacity Building Assistance Project"
El Paso, TX
ABC seeks to expand its Promovision outreach project that improves access to HIV/AIDS related health information by patients and affected community, caregivers and the general public. Increased utilization of NLMs HIV/AIDS resources in El Paso, Texas will be achieved through skill development via training and tutorials as well as development of resources that provide meaningful information about HIV/AIDS, prevention, services and NLM HIV/AIDS resources.

The George Washington University
"Health Information Partners (HIPS 7)"
Washington, DC
HIPS 7 aims to advance peoples’ knowledge of science based HIV and health information, critical appraisal skills and engagement in reducing the HIV epidemic in the metropolitan Washington, D.C. area. To achieve these goals, HIPS 7 will conduct hands-on computer trainings for local community- based health and education centers as well as libraries and high schools. HIPS 7 will also conduct on the street based-outreach in neighborhoods highly affected by HIV/AIDS. HIPS 7 will focus trainings on health information literacy including NLM’s HIV/AIDS resources.

University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center
"AIDS InfoNet"
Albuquerque, NM
The AIDS InfoNet is an internationally recognized online HIV/AIDS information resource to facilitate access to factsheets on the treatment of HIV/AIDS and related information written in nontechnical language and translated into several languages. The Web site enables users to easily download and print regularly updated factsheets at no cost. In addition, the Web site contains hyperlinks to authoritative HIV/AIDS resources to facilitate individual research. Based on the continued high utilization of the factsheets, AIDS InfoNet will provide ongoing maintenance of existing factsheets and develop new factsheets based on user suggestions.