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Chickasaw Nation Health Information Center

The Chickasaw Nation, ComputerCraft, Inc. and NLM have collaborated to develop the “Chickasaw Health Information Center” (CHIC). This information center is designed to provide convenient and quality health information to members of its community. Another important objective of CHIC is to increase the awareness of NLM’s health resources among the Chickasaw community. The CHIC website is hosted and managed by Computercraft, a company owned by members of the Chickasaw Nation. The Chickasaw Nation plans to make the permanent home for the CHIC in the main gallery of their new health facility to provide better visibility, and increase it use.

The Chickasaw Nation Health System has been devoted to improving health education in the community it serves since its inception in 1973. In 1994, the Chickasaw Nation and Indian Health Service executed a compact in accordance with the Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act. Under the compact, the Chickasaw Nation became the first tribe in Oklahoma to operate its own hospital and health clinics. Over two decades since its founding, the mission of the Chickasaw Health System to provide American Indians with health services that promote healing and wellness continues to remain their focus.

CHIC provides members of the Chickasaw Nation community with a safe and comfortable environment to seek out reliable health information, in hopes to empower the Chickasaw Nation to become health advocates for their community and themselves.

Developing a Tribal Consumer Health Information Center. (PDF, 1,065 KB)
Poster session presented at: Medical Library Association, May 21-26, 2010; Washington, DC.


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