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Children's Environmental Health Network

From Information to Action:
Leadership Training Workshops on NLM Children's Environmental Health Resources and Related Materials

Project/Program Dates: 2003 - 2006

The Children's Environmental Health Network (CEHN) hosted a series of training workshops for leaders from different sectors (minority health care providers, environmental justice organizations, and faith-based organizations) to assist them in understanding and using a variety of consumer health resources, products, and services available through the National Library of Medicine and other quality resources.

In the past decade, children's environmental health has grown from a nearly unknown set of concerns to a field with extensive research programs and policy initiatives. Over the past few years in particular, information about children's environmental health on the Internet has increased greatly. Much of this information could help leaders in sectors ranging from health care professionals to community organizations to promote health and protect children from a variety of hazards. Without proper training and guidance, however, much key information is difficult to find, many sources are quite unreliable, and information may not be well-targeted to particular audiences.

CEHN, in consultation with NLM staff, developed several versions of a workshop, specifically addressed to target each sector, to train leaders on the use of NLM databases and thematically related materials. The workshop included the following content: basics of children's environmental health, understanding the current policy context, an overview of available resources, how to use the databases, how to apply information from the databases to make informed decisions, and how to communicate about such risks including evaluating whether or not a risk is "significant".

The workshops were held in conjunction with one or more partner organizations. A wide variety of organizations expressed an interest in housing workshops, including:

Health Care Professional Organizations

Environmental Justice Organizations

Faith-based Organizations