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Project of Intermediate Advocates (PIA)

Project/Program Dates: 2000 - ongoing

Project of Intermediate Advocates (PIA) is a 501c-3 organization based in Southeast Washington DC, historically a low-income African American community referred to as "East of the River." P.I. Advocates International (PIA) was founded in 1999 to address the issue of health illiteracy in low income communities in and around the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. PIA works primarily in the field of HIV education and prevention in the Washington DC area where HIV infection rates have been compared to some of the most devastated countries in Africa.

The PIA organization participates in many health fairs in an effort to spread the word to the community about the advantages of using NLM’s consumer health resources, such as PubMed, the on the web. Through its latest project funded through the NLM, “HIV Information Internet Access Training”, PIA provided hands-on computer training workshops to the residents of Washington, DC. The workshops focused on accessing and retrieving information on HIV from internet-based medical libraries. During the sessions, PIA provides guidance and training on how to find and evaluate health information found on the internet. The community information and computer technology sessions co-sponsored by PIA and the NLM have provided access to health information that would not have been readily available to consumers and service providers. PIA also provides monthly HIV prevention information sessions in hopes of educating the people of Washington, DC on the spread of the disease. The program has targeted over 1,950 people who have HIV/AIDS, are clients of substance abuse and transitional housing programs, people who are at risk of contracting HIV, and the general public.

The partnership between PIA and the NLM has afforded PIA the opportunity to develop working relationships and collaborative efforts with many community-based and faith-based organizations in the Washington, DC area including: Family & Medical Counseling Services, EVE International, DC Care Consortium, Great Mount Calvary Holy Church, Whitman Walker Clinic, Redemption Ministries, the George Washington University, DC General Hospital, DC School Board, Washington Free Clinic, Mount Carmel Baptist Church, Emmanuel Baptist Church, and RIGHT, Inc.