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NLM Environmental Health Training Resources

TOXNET and Beyond (PDF, 12.8 MB)
This workbook will familiarize participants with NLM environmental health and toxiciology information they cna use for research or in their everyday lives. The workbook focuses on performing strategic search techniques in specific databases and Web portals. The workbook includes resource summaries followed by search exercises.

NLM HIV/AIDS Training Resources

HIV/AIDS Information from the National Library of Medicine (PDF, 3.95 MB)
This workbook is designed to provide valuable health information resources, from the NLM and other reliable sources, to increase awareness of the abundance of treatment information and educational materials that are available on the Internet. This workbook contains a brief summary of NLM resources followed by search exercises using realistic scenarios. Additional resources, selected for the quality and relevant content, are also included for your reference.
How to Find Reliable HIV/AIDS Treatment Information on the Internet (PDF, 1.11 MB)
This workbook provides skills trianing on evaluting online HIV/AIDS resources. The workbook includes resources, evaluation criteria, and exercises.

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